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Grace O’Malley
Class of 2003

My name is Grace O’Malley, I am a Writer, a Creative Producer, a Mother and an Actress. Having a Swedish husband means I am currently spending a lot of time in Stockholm which I have started writing about with the Irish Times Abroad Team. You can find my latest article here:
In order to share more of my work and encourage people to find more time for reading in our high speed, high content, high everything lifestyles, I have set up an Instagram page @graceomalleyreads. Here I will share a little of what I’m writing but mostly what I’m reading and hope to inspire you to ditch the screens in favour of a great book come evening time. I know, I’m using screens to encourage people to read, the irony isn’t lost on me. Please do come and find me so we can talk about how much we love books and dislike social media on my Instagram page.