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Mount Anville Debs 2014

Past Pupil Jennifer Burke class of 2001 publishes 2nd novel

Past Pupil Jennifer Burke (Class of 2001) is a Dublin based author and solicitor. In July 2013, her life changed forever when a TV3 camera crew burst into her office to announce that she had won their Write A Bestseller competition, and with it a three book deal with Poolbeg Press. Her first novel The Secret Son was published in September 2013 to critical acclaim. Jennifer also writes shorter fiction. Her short story, Leaving the Cold Behind, was published in the 2012 From the Well Anthology and she has been shortlisted for the past three consecutive years in the Fish Flash Fiction competition. Her second novel, Levi’s Gift, will be published 25 September by Ward River Press.

Levi’s Gift tells the story of Lena and her daughter Mattie who has just given birth to a stillborn son. Following Mattie’s spiral into depression, Lena takes her from their home in America to Italy in an attempt to rescue her and rekindle in her the sense of family and identity she lost after the death of her child. But this requires Lena to reveal what she experienced as a young woman in Italy – the love she has secretly treasured all her life. This is a story of forbidden love, loss and above all a mother and daughter encountering the past together in the hopes of finding a future


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