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01 July 2016
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Photographs from our Annual Dinner

"January 27th Mount Anville Secondary School"


Every year Mount Anville Past Pupils Association holds a dinner and this year we were very lucky to be invited to hold it in Mount Anville Secondary School. These are some of the pictures from the night which we hope you will enjoy as much as we had taking them.  


  School Hall before dinner                  School Hall before dinner


   Clodagh Thorne (Kennedy)1987       School Hall pre Dinner

   Caroline Coyle


   School Hall pre dinner                      Karen Quinn (Smyth)1974

                                                         Gwen Thornton 1973, Gayle Thornton 1974


Catherine McArdle 1970                     Jill Dempsey (Hingston) 1984

Bairbre O’Brien (Ni Gallagher)1967      Denise Brett (O’Sullivan) 1986


Lisa Mullen,Helen Burke                   Perdita Quinlan 1967 Mrs Boland

Linda Murphy All 1974


Marie McBryan (Deigan) 1967          Fionnuala Richardson 1963 Brenda Curry

Margaret Glavey (Shiel) 1967          Clara Cullen (Collins) 1963 Mater Admirabilis 



Angela Blaney,Susan Kane                 Caolieann Mehigan (Madien) 1982

Niamh McMahon, Louise Leavy 1987    Mary Hillard 1979, Lousie English 1979


Danielle Keaney, Sarah Moran               Siobhan Walsh,Gillian Kelly,Suzanne O’Duffy 

Catriona Morgan Lucinda Madigan 1988   Emma Sheehan, Sheila Gaffney All 1989


Juliet Tenant,Niamh Savage,             Roisin Hayden, Lacy McShane, Ruth Kavanagh

Maryrose Fitzsimons                         Grace Murphy, Caroline Houlihan,

Tanya Kerry Keane all 1989              Chloe Kearney all 2005


Michelle Kehoe, Fiona Pegum 1988     Melrona Kirrane, Judy Sharpe 1985


Hannah Carney 1985, Elaine Byrne 1985  Dervila Moloney 1987 Suzanne Kellaher 1986

Sharon Smurfit Maeve Harrington 1986     Karen Browne 1985 Susan Lennox 1985


Lucy Finlay 1979 Patrica Bourdon       Suzanne McSweeney Rachel Considine 1999

Current Mount Anville Principal

Naomi Kidney 1979


Florence Lavelle,                                   Bernie Harvey Current Junior School Principal

Mandy Conlon - McKenna                        Mary McGlynn former Mount Anville

Ruth Montgomery, Miriam Mulligan           Principle           

Michelle O’Connor all 1997                      


Ruth McEvoy (Richardson) 1961       Table from 1982

Jacqui Cross 1988

Keelin Cowhey (Kirrane) 1983

Joan Balfe 1961


Sr Doyle                                         Top Table


Table from 1945                             Table from 1987


Table from 1978                              Table from 1985 


Table from 1988                             Table from 1988


Table from 1999                              Table from 1987


Table from 2005                               Table from 1987


Table from 1987                               Mappa President Clodagh Thorne (Kennedy)1987


Clodagh Thorne (Kennedy)              Picture from hall at dinner


Picture from hall at dinner                Natalie Barrett


Claudia Tierney                                Clodagh Thorne and Claudia Tierney


Claudia Tierney                                Claudia Tierney

Clodagh Thorne and Claudia Tierney


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